12" x 15" Ceremonial Shovel Plaques

  • 12" W x 15" H x 3/4" Genuine Walnut Plaque with Scalloped Edges.
  • Keyholed back for wall mounting.
  • Mounted 8-3/8" Gold Plated Metal Ceremonial Shovel.
  • 9" W x 5" H Gloss Black Brass Plate over Bright Gold Plate

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  • Laser engraved plate.
  • Screen printed plate.
  • Full color plate.

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    12" X 15" Ceremonial Shovel Plaque

    12" X 15" Ceremonial Shovel Plaque
    Ceremonial Shovel Plaque Awards
    12" x 15" Ceremonial Shovel Plaque - Customer Job with Full Color

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    12" x 15" Walnut Ceremonial Shovel Plaque
    with Mounted 8-3/8" Gold Plated Ceremonial Shovel
    Black Brass Plate over Gold Plate

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    Laser Engraved Plate Contact Us!
    Full Color Direct Printed Plaque Contact Us!

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